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How to Avoid the Health Hazards of Air Freshener


 How to Avoid the Health Hazards of Air Freshener

How to Avoid the Health Hazards of Air Freshener

The risk of air pollution resulting from industrial effluents automobile emissions, and the likes. Are the danger of air pollutants? Such pollutant is the air freshener.

I think it will be good for you to read through this very article and educate yourself more on how to say No to the use of air fresheners.

Let’s get started as we unveil to you the risk involved in the use of air fresheners. And the ways of avoiding the secret health hazards of air fresheners.


How to Avoid the Health Hazards of Air Freshener

The Risks Involved in the use of Air Freshener

Common Dangers of Air Fresheners

Common ways of Avoiding the Health Hazard of Air Freshener


 The Risks Involved in the use of Air Freshener

Air freshener helps in removing unpleasant odors and releasing pleasant fragrances Right?

But apart from that, are you aware that Air freshener masks a health danger? And that most air freshener is dangerous to your health because of some of the chemical substance that is used in their production.

Let me make it clear to you, a chemical substance called phthalate as reported by Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) can cause hormonal abnormalities, reproductive problems, and birth defects which can lead to early death.

Common Dangers of Air Fresheners

Here’re some of the common dangers of air freshener listed below that can affect your health if you in case make use of the air freshener:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Developmental issues
  • General weakness
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Hormonal imbalance:

When you’re more in contact with air freshener than automobile emission or industrial effluents which are sometimes used in homes, offices, commercial interiors like restrooms, foyers, hallways, vestibules as well as larger areas, such as hotel lobbies, medical faculties public arenas.

Unknowingly for you, you can inhale substances that are gradually generating some health issues in your body which aren’t good.

Difficulty in breathing:

Continuous use of Air fresheners can be very harmful to anyone who is suffering from asthma. Also, children with developing lungs are more at danger because most air freshener contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde and p-dichlorobenzene, called triggers of respiratory ailments and allergies. Formaldehyde can cause burning in anybody’s eyes and nasal passages.

Developmental issues:

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers with high contact with phthalates are more probable to have children with poor weight.

Common weakness:

Prolonged exposure to air fresheners can result in nausea, nerve disturbances, headaches, and even depression.

Common ways of Avoiding the Health Hazard of Air Freshener

Here’re some of the following ways listed below, that you can apply so to avoid the use  of air freshener and the danger involve when making use of it:

  • You need to totally avoid the use of air fresheners especially in places where you find pregnant women or children.
  • Instead of making use of air fresheners, you can try making your home or office well ventilated.
  • You can still go on in Planting air-filtering plants in your surrounding like a spider plant, snake plants, and the peace lily which can also be helpful to improve air quality.
  • You can as well decorate your home or space with lavender plants or bunches of dried lavender for their beauty and scent.
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