How to keep and Make your Man happy in a Relationship

How to keep and Make your Man happy in a Relationship
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How to keep and Make your Man happy in a Relationship

How to Keep and Make your Man Happy in a Relationship –First, Happiness is a state of being happy, why Love is the act of making your partner always happy.

 Can one actually Attain this State in Relationships?

Yes! In a relationship, happiness and love are the two things that keep a relationship stronger. Life is easier when your spouse is satisfied.

How do you Keep your Man? Just make him happy. That’s it!

Men are not that difficult; even the one that seems unpredictable has a few things in common. If you make a man happy he will also treat you right and make you feel loved and happy as well.


In this post, we will be exploring how to keep your man happy always, and how to keep your man interested in you, and so on.

Note: You can’t make a man happy until you know what his essential needs are and work towards satisfying them.


How to keep and make your man happy in a Relationship

Other Attributes of a Good Wife Toward his Man are:



How to Keep and Make your Man Happy in a Relationship


1. Respect Him

Respect is a man’s food, and what makes a stronger relationship. Any woman who cannot respect her man won’t enjoy the very best of him. This has been proven and it is what makes a happy relationship and also makes a man happy.

Other Aspects of Showing Respect to your Man are:

  • Take care of your man like the king he is
  • Be respectful in every aspect of it
  • Don’t raise your voice at him
  • Show him respect in how you speak to him whether you are alone or in public.
  • Merit his inputs; don’t put him down with your words,
  • Be a humble lady; humble women are virtuous women, humble women make their husbands happy, humble women have great and lovely marriages.
  • Make him believe he has the final say
  • Don’t make use of insulting words to express your anger,
  • Get him a loving pet name rather than calling him his first name.
  • Even if you are older age-wise,
  • Respect your position as a wife
  • Make him feel at home always
  • Enjoy making love to you.

If you can give him the regard, honor, and respect he deserves, you both will enjoy the sweet, passionate, sizzling lovemaking!

Go work on those needs!

2. Make Love to Him like a Call Girl

How to keep and make your man happy in a Relationship

Yes, this aspect is also required in a relationship. Lovemaking is one of the most important things a man also needs and the number one on the list of some men.


You want to Make your Man Happy Right? Make love to him when he requests it. Don’t wait for him to force it on you, go for it.

Traditionally, men are the ones who begin lovemaking. They’re restless that way; they are natural hunters and chasers.

Most men love to take charge in beginning lovemaking most of the time. But it can get old when he is the one to do it at all times.

Men do feel wanted. When you never start lovemaking, your man might start feeling or thinking you’re not attracted to him.

What Men want on the bed and How to Make your Man go Crazy while Making Love with you:


Men want a partner on the bed, someone they can trust and cherish the moments with.

  • Whisper in his ear how badly you want him deep inside you
  • Stick your hands down his pants.
  • Decide to begin lovemaking,
  • Kiss him endlessly
  • Surprise him with a new position
  • Let him feel you
  • Take control
  • Kiss him where it matters.
  • Dirty talk
  • Touch his trigger spots
  • Go rough on him
  • Turn yourself on

Note: a satisfied man will do anything for his wife.


3. Stay Attractive

Every man wants a nice looking beautiful and attractive woman. When a wife looks good, her husband likes it so much.

A man likes to own a valuable thing. He likes seeing his friends saying wow! Whenever he presented his wife to them.


Things a Wife should do to Stay Neat and Attractive

No man wants a woman that grows older than him.

  • Don’t look shabby
  • Avoid blow-off! Look good
  • Trim up, and stay physically fit.
  • Avoid fat
  • Stay off junks
  • Eat healthy food
  • Exercise, and rest well
  • Don’t look ten times his size
  • Take care of your skin
  • Do your hair
  • Dress well and be lovable to look at, your husband

Please stay sensual and attractive.

4.  Be a Refuge of Peace for Him

Every man needs peace of mind after facing a hard time with the world, don’t complicate his life.


The ways of Giving him Peace of mind are:

  • When he arrives home from work, give him water, and his food, make him take his shower, let him rest.
  • Save all matter of worry for pillow talk at bedtime
  • Correct him one time and pray for him
  • Don’t shout, scream, or abuse your husband.
  • Give him peace. Let him be happy coming home.
  • Let him see his home as a peaceful place to relax and have peace, give your man peace of mind!

No one likes someone nagging over their mistakes. So learn to give your man that peace of mind he needs

5. Have Intelligent Conversations

A man loves an attractive nice-looking wife, but he also wants a lover who can communicate with him at the end of the day with intelligent conversations.


Other Attributes of a Good Wife Toward his Man are:



  • How to Keep a make your man happy concerned Being Interested In His Interests
  • Don’t be a drama queen or a nagging wife
  • Be sexually inventive
  • Win over his family
  • Shower him with praise
  • Be financially secure and independent
  • Take the initiative in bed
  • Smell great all the time
  • Fear his friends
  • Learn to seduce him
  • Show a true and lovely interest in his hobbies
  • Be a good cook for your man. if you’re not – learn!
  • Help him deal with life
  • Don’t Crowd His Personal Space
  • Make him proud of you


Conclusion: These tips on how to keep your guy interested in you will work perfectly; you don’t have to be concerned about wandering eyes. When you learn how to keep a guy interested, just as long as you know everything in love has to be joint. Make him treat you right, and show him how unique and nice you can be if you choose to!


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